The new focus and symbol of EMERGE Leeds

The Leeds service formerly known as the Personality Disorder Managed Clinical Network has changed its name to EMERGE Leeds: Complex Emotional Needs Service. It’s more than just a name change though, it represents the shift away from the focus on the label “Personality Disorder” which has so much stigma attached to it and can bring up so many different feelings for people. And, importantly, this rebrand was undertaken in collaboration with service users and experts-by-experience, giving their feedback about the label, the language of mental health, and the impacts they can have.

A new symbol

Along with a new name and focus, the new symbol was chosen by the feedback group: a lotus. What is the significance of this flower? It’s already regarded in many cultures as a symbol of longevity, rebirth, purity, and enlightenment. The lotus flower grows its roots in deep mud, away from the sun, but emerges to become a beautiful flower.

No matter where our roots are, we can be wonderful. No matter what happened to us in the past, we can reemerge strong.

The work to refocus the EMERGE service is ongoing and there will be future opportunities for involvement. Check out for more info.

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