Sophie’s poem

Service user Sophie King has written this poem about her experience with PDMCN, particularly her care coordinator Steph.

The PD network never gives up 
We push them, we test them, we hate them for keeping us alive. 
But we never have any luck
At getting them to leave.
You see, they always understand and validate when we are tearful and want to die. 
They are here to support us no matter what we do, 
Even when our urges are sky high.
So thank you Steph for never EVER giving up

6 thoughts on “Sophie’s poem”

  1. Depression is a heavy thing and who feels it knows it. It’s so hard isn’t it fellow survivors for people to even try to understand how it is for us . How it feels how it hurts and the dark pit we lay in day after day month after month year after year.. I wonder how many hours we lose to depression in our lives.its a sad fact that the years just drift on by like clouds .. and where did they go.staring into space wondering what it’s all about and sometimes just an empty mind thinking nothing feeling nothing . Just staring ahead or maybe out the window, and where’s the love where’s the care. Where’s anybody. I’m all alone. But it’s ok I’ve been here before.

  2. Hi Sophie . Thanks for the poem . I put a few up of my own. Hope you get to read them.. and enjoy em and u write some more too. Take care . Glad u had a good experience with your worker and service . Love dawn x .. also hey to all the survivors out there.. please post some messages to share,let’s all share in this given space. Not often we get it . Ha .,..

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