This is a set of guidelines for writing on the Validate blog and potentially on a forum in the future.

Further to the guidelines, it’s important to note that Validate is a space where you should feel free to write what you wish about your feelings and experiences. This may include negative or critical things about the network. Such views are welcomed here, to make sure that voices are not being silenced. This website is a community space rather than an NHS clinical space, but criticisms and feedback brought up in blog posts will not be ignored and will be passed on so that the service can be improved.

You deserve to have your voice heard.

  • Most important rule: be nice and listen to others. 🙂
  • No racism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia or any other hateful language. If you’re quoting someone else as part of an anecdote this is acceptable if it’s absolutely necessary to have the exact quote but would merit a content warning at the top of the post. 
  • Sometimes swearing is expressive and helpful. Excessive swearing is less useful for a public space. Posters in a forum may be asked to tone down swearing if it’s affecting others. Just try to keep it fairly PG, but there’s no hard and fast rule here. 
  • Moderators will be looking at any forum threads. If they post in their moderator or admin capacity, they will make it clear.
  • We may be dealing with some sensitive issues in here, examining trauma and so on. Everyone has different triggers for their own issues, so flagging up any potentially triggering content is a must. At the top of any forum or blog post, please provide a content warning if necessary. Also, if on a forum post, please leave some space below the content warning before the text, so it’s easier for people to skip past it if they need to. Something like the following:
    • CW: mention of sexual abuse
    • CW: description of suicide, self harm
  • When referring to other people in posts, anonymise their names if they haven’t given consent to being featured.
  • Report any content that you think is offensive or inappropriate to an admin or moderator.