Hello everyone and welcome to our World Mental Health Day 2020 event. Our original plan was to hold it in Leeds Civic Centre on Wednesday 7th October, but 2020 being the year that it is has decided that was not to be. Instead, we’re hosting it here on the Validate website! All these pages will be kept on the site in perpetuity and the two discussion pages can have further contributions added to it later on.

Raising Awareness

The theme of the event is raising awareness. This is about opening up the discussion around personality disorder, our views and perspectives on the term, how we can shape mental health services to improve support and access for people.

The following key questions are at the heart of our programme:

  • What do you want people to know about personality disorder?
  • What do people get wrong about it?
  • What would a good mental heath service look like for you?
  • What can service users/carers do to help themselves?


Below is the programme of content for our virtual event. Click each link to have a look at what’s being said. And a big thank you to all our wonderful contributors!

  • Watch: James and Jim’s perspectives.
  • Read: Look For The Hero Inside Yourself, by Tula.
  • Discussion: media visibility.
  • Watch: animated short films on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma informed practice.
  • Read: Connecting Personalities and the value of peer support
  • Watch: staff perspectives on “personality disorder”, a conversation between Richard, Joe and Sue.
  • Read: A Carer’s Story, by Jim.
  • Read: From Victim, To Survivor, To Thriver, by Tula.
  • Discussion: collected thoughts.


This was a bit of an experiment – changing an in-person conference to a virtual event, quite the change! How did we do? Let us know by filling in the feedback form here. Thank you in advance and we hope you enjoyed the content for World Mental Health Day 2020.