Valdiate is a place where people with experiences of personality disorder services can come together to share their ideas and experiences, showcase their creativity, and support each other.

Blog & gallery

Validate is a place where users can contribute to the discussion, sharing ideas and stories, artwork and poetry, thoughts and feelings, and anything else besides.

Information & involvement

Validate is a place to find out what help and support is available in Leeds and across the country for people with a diagnosis of personality disorder.

What is Validate?

Validate is an online community where people can feel supported and free to express themselves without judgment. It’s a place to talk about experiences with personality disorder services and the label or diagnosis. It’s for users of Leeds Personality Disorder Network but also for anyone wanting more information on this important and often misunderstood topic.

All points of view are welcome here. However you feel about the label personality disorder, this is a safe space for those feelings. This is a community for people with shared experiences of services.